PO Delivery Status Submissions

Please upload the Excel sheet with your updated PO_DELIVERY_STATUS or VENDOR_COMMENTS by selecting Submit Files.

NOTE: A new PO Delivery Status export must be taken everyday for the most accurate information. Please ONLY submit Excel files that were Downloaded the same day.

Enter your BU_VENDOR_NUMBER and upload your edited PO Delivery Status Excel file. Hit Submit at the bottom of the form.

The file will be consumed at 6PM EST Monday to Friday. Files submitted after 6PM will be processed the following business day if the PO remains open.

All Submissions can be viewed by selecting the upload record below and View Details.

For more detailed information on how to use the PO Delivery Status website, please see the LVRP - SOP page.

If you require further information please get in touch with your Replenishment contact.


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